The Rhythm of the Universe

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Breathe to the rhythm of the universe
Expanding and contracting like
the spider spinning his web
the pup curled into her mother
the wind encircling the pines.

Sometimes the rhythm of the universe grieves over losing a loved one
the extinction of a species
the destruction of a forest
the death of the ozone layer

At times like this it is best to breathe
along with the sadness
allowing the grief to fill you so deeply
that you ache for the loss

At other times the rhythm of the universe experiences joy
remembering a moment when
people came together
to help one another


There are times
you may be out of sync
with the rhythm of the universe.
You cannot feel sad or happy or much of anything
Just remember:
Everyone is born
Everyone lives
Everyone dies
So breathe

All things live and pulsate
All things die and are reborn
This is the rhythm of the universe.


Sometimes the universe is fraught with fear
Fear of losing something precious
Fear of things happening much too quickly.
A thunderstorm
A flood
A mudslide
An earthquake
A tsunami

But these things happen.
And the universe must adjust
The universe breaks apart
and returns to equilibrium.
The universe weeps and heals.


Other times worry may dominate
Worry about events that have not even
happened yet

While famine is happening in this part of the world
Will a mudslide happen over there?

Breathe into your heart.
Notice how your chest rises and falls
Notice the soft pulsation beneath your skin

What is happening now
In your heart
is what is happening
to the rhythm of the universe


You may find yourself angry
Things are not going your way
Lightning may be hurling through the dark night sky?
A mudslide may have destroyed a town or
An earthquake leveled a city.

It’s trite to say things happen
But they do
Horrible things happen
All the time

So why not here


There are times loneliness may prevail
After a storm
There can be such loss
Such emptiness

Feel that emptiness
Fill it with your breath
Fill it with your tears
Fill it with your love

The universe fills it with
shoots of grass
dandelion blossoms


Breathe in the love of the universe.
Let it fill your whole being.
Your lungs, your belly, every pore and cell


and releasing

Sometimes the love can hurt so
that you weep
as if there is no more
room inside you.

Then let the love overflow
the way the universe creates a path
for rushing water

to cascade

down a mountain


What happens when someone says:
I have cancer. Can you please pray for me?

Does the universe open to embrace them

in its deep blue sky

surround them

with a myriad of twinkling stars?

Does the universe hold them with space and love instead of words?


Breathe love into the universe
With each breath
Feel the love you have inside
and emanate out

Don’t hold back
Smile with your whole being

Make it a magical moment!


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